Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Family visit

We were blessed recently to have Michael's parents and gran come and visit us for a few days... We had such a great time together... Unfortunately I didn't take too many photo's because we were out and about quite a bit... Gran even took a ride with Jono on his blue plastic motor bike...


So these are the first of hopefully many lemons that will grow on our lemon tree... It was so great to be able to make lemon curd with lemons from our very own garden... Praise the Lord for the sun and rain that caused the growth on our little tree...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shelly Beach

So here is the first of hopefully regular blog posts from me... We went down to Shelly beach recently for a holiday as a family... We had plenty of fun in the sand and splashing in the water despite the windy weather... It was Misha's first time on the beach and she really loved it... She particularly loved the sand, which she even tasted, just like her mommy did the first  time she went to the beach... Jono enjoyed building castles and knocking them down, and he also enjoyed throwing stones and shells into the water trying to jump them like his daddy... All in all it was a truly blessed time together with many opportunities to reflect on God's might and power displayed in His wonderful creation...

Michael and the kids

Brother and sister fun

Our precious family

Jono licking his plate after enjoying some yummy pork rashers

The girls chilling in the sun

Daddy daughter fun in the waves

Misha mesmerized by the water

Jono building castles

Me and the kids
Daddy and Jono having fun in the water

Friday, June 29, 2012

Michael's Medieval 30th

On the 16th of June, yes that's youth day, we celebrated Michael's 30th birthday by hosting a medieval themed birthday party... Everyone played their parts well by dressing up and getting into character... Only one person, Evaleen van Blerk, guessed the murderer correctly by examining the evidence carefully... I must say it was great fun to organise, and even more fun to enjoy with the many great friends that God has blessed us with here in Scottsville... Thank you to everyone who contributed to make the evening a wonderful one...

Aileen- Winner of the best dressed... She made her own dress by hand...

Lindsay- The murderer...

Roy and Trish- The king and queen

Steve and Tania

Michael and I

The sheriff listening in on a conversation

Bribery and corruption

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Surprise Umtentweni Holiday

This past week Michael surprised me with a holiday to Umtentweni (South Coast- Durban) for our 3 year anniversary... He had been organising it for quite a while and only told me just in time to do shopping and pack... It was such a blessing to be able to take time off as a family and just have some fun together!... Thank you to the Dreyers for letting us stay in your flat!...

The sea view from the flat we were staying in

Enjoying our first day at the beach
 On the day of our anniversary we took a drive to Ramsgate for a special lunch at the Waffle House and spent the afternoon on the beach down there....

Large and in charge

The beach back at Umtentweni had a really cool little tide pool which was great for Jono to play in... He did however try to crawl around and ended up swallowing some sea water...

Yesterday we spent the day at Ushaka Marine World... We went down some water slides, river ride, saw the seal show, went to the aquarium, and of course my favourite thing- saw the dolphin show!... What an amazing day!... Jono also went down his first slide on his own... It was only about the length of my body and I caught him at the bottom, but still I think he was very brave... He's gonna have loads more fun on the bigger slides one day...

Michael going down the largest water slide in Africa

Waiting for the dolphin show to start

Gambit- the 46 year old dolphin- showing off his hula-hooping skills

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fun in the sun and fun on the ice

Earlier today we drove down to Durban with some of the youth to have some fun ice-skating and going to the beach... It was funny to watch each person who went ice-skating fall and get soaked in icy cold water and Michael sliding on his tummy across the ice... A lot of them have some nasty blisters on their feet now though, but I think they would agree that it was well worth it...

You'll never take me down...

Caroline bravely skating on her own

Jemma and Kirstin

What's that funny looking thing daddy?

After being in the cold ice rink we visited the warm beach... Jono looked like a sand monster by the end of the day with sand even in his nappy and ears, but he had loads of fun... Thanks girls for a fun-filled day!...

Our "normal" family


Jono and mommy

Jono looking cool


Tracy pulling faces at Jono



When you get over the hill...

Last Saturday we attended the surprise 40th birthday party of Louise Houghting... She is the wonderful lady who is our Church office secretary... It was a special western themed evening planned by her family... Thank you Louise for the great blessing that you have been to our family already; we pray that the Lord will continue to grow you more into His likeness and continue to use you in His service...

The birthday girl

Jono learning funny faces from Amanda Webb


Kirstin, Dave and Tracy Webb